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We tailor every aspect of your teen’s application to ensure the best quality, from the Common App to the interviews.

Comprehensive Application Plan (CAP): Take the Stress Out of College Planning

11th and 12th graders

Working one-on- one with the consultant, high school juniors embark on a college planning journey, laying the foundation for a smooth transition into the senior year application process, ultimately leading to college admission.


  • Provide one-to-one college counseling
  • Identify a central passion
  • Unify the application with a theme 
  • Evaluate & interests, majors, and careers
  • Craft a polished resume & activity list
  • Develop a personal WHY for each college on the list
  • Develop a balanced college list
  • Create a timeline for submitting applications
  • Request recommendations from teachers
  • Write compelling personal statement & supplemental essays
  • Complete the Common App
  • Review and proofread entire application
  • Submit a standout college application

We strategize with students to find the best-fit schools for their academic and personal success.

Application Fast Track(AFT):

Finish Your Common App Early!

12th graders

Recent trends in college admissions reveal that over 50% of the incoming class is admitted through Early Decision. Motivated students should accelerate their completion of the Common App to maximize their chances for college admission and scholarships. 

Application Fast Track supports a dedicated cohort of students in expediting the completion of the Common App. The program is offered live on Zoom in the summer and fall. The 15-hour program is held over five consecutive days in August or five consecutive weeks in September-October. Students must attend all 5 sessions.


  • Personalized coaching from a professional college consultant
  • Learn what colleges value
  • Develop a personal application theme
  • Create a balanced college list
  • Craft a polished resume & Activity List
  • Request recommendations from teachers
  • Write compelling college essays


College Kickstart Package (CKP)

Build Skills and Personal Achievements 

 7th – 10th graders

Experience our personalized package designed to guide 8th, 9th, and 10th graders through a journey of self-discovery.

  • Identify goals 
  • Integrate academic and extracurricular interests
  • Identify potential competitions 
  • Practice study skills & strategies
  • Improve time management skills
  • Provide a testing timeline
  • Introduce careers & majors

At every step of their journey, we empower teens to flourish, fostering self-awareness, initiative, and motivation to succeed in school and college.


Boost Your Teen’s College Admission Success

Colleges aren’t just looking for high achievers; they crave students with genuine passions and unwavering dedication to their chosen paths. That’s where we come in.

Our proven approach has empowered thousands of students like yours to break through the noise of college admissions. 

Let’s set the GPS for college success and navigate to colleges where your teen’s uniqueness becomes their greatest asset in the pursuit of college admission.

What sets us apart is our focus on holistic development and strategic planning of extracurricular activities. Led by Barbara, affectionately known as the Guru of Extracurriculars, we empower students to craft unique Leading Edge Projects that align with their academic curriculum, passions, talents, and career aspirations.

These projects not only capture the attention of admission officers but often earn media recognition.


Barbara Leventhal’s Leading Edge Projects

What is a Leading Edge Project?

A Leading Edge Project is a personal project that aligns with the student’s intellectual interests, intended major, or other talents, has a positive impact on others, and demonstrates key character traits that colleges are looking for, such as leadership, initiative, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and intellectual curiosity.

Why is a Leading Edge Project important? 

The purpose of such a project is to give an admission officer a reason to accept your teen over all the other applicants who appear equally qualified. Many students choose to highlight their projects in their college admission essays, scholarship applications and résumés. 

Admission officers review mountains of applications; unfortunately, they usually find the same grades, clubs, awards and extracurriculars that they’ve seen in thousands of them.

How will a Leading Edge Project help your teen get admitted to his or her dream college?

A Leading Edge Project showcases your teen’s interests, talents, initiative, and impact, and makes their application memorable. 

A project that involves others as committee or team members, shows the student’s ability to lead and inspire others, and the student’s commitment to a cause, specific issue, or special outcome. In addition, the project and committee work demonstrate how the student cooperates with others and that he or she can make a contribution to the college community.

Does the Leading Edge Project require a large time commitment? 

The development of a project takes 10 hours of the consultant’s planning time: time spent in consultation with the student, time spent by Barb on calls to her contacts on behalf of the student, and time spent on PR. The goal is to get the project plan on paper as quickly as possible so the student can implement the project with the support of his/her family. (Additional hours will be billed at the consultant’s hourly rate.) 

The rest is up to the student in terms of how much time to devote to this activity. The length of the project and the time spent on the project depends on the student’s goals. Most student-initiated projects can produce an observable and measurable result over a 12-week period. The scale and success of the project, of course, are the student’s responsibility. 

Will you help my teen come up with a project idea? 

Barb begins by helping your teen brainstorm an activity that matches your teen’s unique situation and goals. The idea for the project should come from the student’s interests. Students of all abilities can create Leading Edge Projects, including students with learning differences.

What’s the parent’s role? 

Projects that have the most impact are the ones supported by the student’s family. Parents are welcome to assist with brainstorming, tapping their connections, maintaining healthy schedules for project time and other responsibilities, encouraging their teen when there is a setback, and celebrating the achievement of each small milestone. However, this is your teen’s project, and the bulk of the work should be done by the student.

When is the best time to start a Leading Edge Project? 

As early as possible! 

By starting project planning early, students can go at their own pace. Ideally, students should do project planning in 9th and 10th grade because colleges love to see student engagement over a long period of time. However, even 12th graders can create projects to make their applications stand out. 

The goal of a Leading Edge Project is for teens to leave a legacy of community or global involvement by actively supporting local and national organizations on issues that matter to them. By engaging other students in your leadership team, you ensure that the project will carry on and expand after you graduate.

Are there any additional expenses? 

Barb recommends that your teen develop a website to create a digital footprint for the Leading Edge Project. College admission officers often check out a student’s website; many colleges include a place on their Common App Questions page to list it. If you choose to hire someone to create the website, and to host the website, those costs are not included in the project development. 

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